Yoga as a companion.

How much effect yoga has - if practised healthy and smart - on our daily life is a known fact. But even as a yoga teacher I underestimate sometimes my own practice. When daily life is packed with tasks and things we have to do, it can happen that yoga is getting lost somewhere in all that. How important it is to always have time to integrate your yoga practice I experienced again the last weeks. I told myself to be too weak and too tired anyway. That is an unhealthy path since I tend to even forget that I get tired of not doing yoga. And we should be aware to not do the practice for the sake of doing yoga. Yoga itself is amazing but it doesn't work alone. It has to be us who are aware while practicing it and to use yoga as a way to communicate with our bodies and ourselves. I see yoga as a permanent companion who gives my own body the best massages ever :)

Have a wonderful weekend and give yourself a little massage here and there.



Photo by Natalie Muth