My very own little yoga retreat

I found myself here in Spain, on a beautiful rooftop terrace in the middle of stunning Sevilla for a couple of days. I did my yoga practise here this morning and I had a special feeling doing it at this wondeful spot and I could - surrounded by all these new impressions and views - calm my mind and could order my thoughts in a special way. And I was wondering: Do we always need new places, away from our daily routine to see things clearer and to calm down our minds? The word "retreat" sums it all up and I found a definition I really like: "A period of time used to study quietly, or to think carefully, away from normal activities and duties." Sevilla maybe is not a place where you instantly think of typical yoga retreat location which is normally found at places at the beach or in the mountains. These places officially allow us to escape the bubble where we just function, go to work, do what people expect from us. And this is a wonderful way to do that. But shouldn't it be possible to be aware of the same things in our daily life? This is probably another story - having a life where we have to escape from it to "reload" our batteries - but being inspired to do your very own little yoga retreat whether if it is yoga, reading a book or cooking something you really like exactly where you are should be something to give more space in our daily life - no matter where you are.