Photo Credit: Yongsubi

Photo Credit: Yongsubi


My hometown is Munich. After living in Sydney and Vienna for a while, I found my way back to Munich to finish up my studies in Landscape Design. Since 2013, I have called Zurich my home, though my heart is somewhere between Munich and Sydney.

I got into yoga back when I was attending University of Vienna.
A friend of mine suggested I start doing yoga with her. Like many intimidated beginners, I thought yoga was strictly about achieving perfection, no matter how I felt in the asana. I had to learn that achieving perfection has absolutely nothing to do with yoga, that it is actually a feeling that grows inside you, a way of connecting with yourself.

My favourite pose is hard to define. But I love playing around with Half-moon-poses.

Yoga is my very own space for breathing and moving... just being myself.

Inspiration is life itself. Everything that is surrounding me, inspires and motivates me to build my classes. Topics come and go, just like the breath.

My yoga teacher training was a fantastic experience which I did at Inside Yoga Frankfurt (RYS 200h, Inside Yoga).

In December 2016 I finished the Inside Yoga-Flow-Training at Inside Yoga in Frankfurt (RYS 50h, Inside Yoga). Check out my schedule for following Inside Flow classes!

In multiple classes, which i participate as well as my own practice at home, it is always amazing to get input and influences through teachers in other trainings and workshops. Teachers who inspire me like Cameron Shayne, Young-Ho Kim, Bryan Kest, Doug Keller (35h, Therapeutic Yoga), Simon Park...